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iCollege helps FE colleges turn blended learning into a powerful quality improvement strategy, by combining the best learning technology and content, with the support of experienced consultants and experts, who ensure you see a real impact on your learner outcomes and success rates.


About Us

iCollege is a network of consultants, colleges, technologists and content specialists, working together to deliver improvements for vocational learners.

The evidence is clear that blended learning leads to better results, but each teaching context is different. Success requires the combination of expertise with the best methods, technology and content. iCollege works with each client to deliver results, by providing expert support for teachers, training in best practices, problem solving in specific contexts, and a learning platform that helps identify and promote the most successful methods, tools, content and practices.

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How it Works

A process which drives in year results, and year on year improvement.


Service Features

iCollege is a network of consultants, colleges, technologists and content specialists, working together to deliver improvements for vocational learners.

Expertise & Support

A network of affiliated consultants, supported by real-time analytics data, who engage with teachers and institutions to identify and codify best practices, and then share these across the whole network, to raise the standards of all delivery.

Content & Publishing

A publishing platform for teachers and publishers to create, sell, share, remix and customise academic content, plus student and teacher ratings and performance data to help teachers select the best content.

Learning Platform

A web and mobile learning platform for students and teachers which is a pleasure to use, and includes sophisticated learning tools, social learning, and dashboard to allow teachers to monitor group and individual performance.

Analytics & Innovation

An analytics platform yields actionable insights which support managers to improve quality and results, both in-year and year-on-year, and promote insight, innovation and action at student, course, and college-wide level.

Getting Started

We can support single-subject quality improvement projects, or cross-college implementations. We have content to cover a range of subject areas, and also open network projects you can join. We can develop content for specific needs, helo you convert your existing content, or assist you to create your own. Contact us now to discuss your project.


The last thing you need when managing FE delivery is extra complexity, and that is why we offer simple, straightforward pricing.




Up to 25 learners

Full platform access



£20 per learner/year

Unlimited learners

Full platform access

Institutional branding

iPhone / Android apps

Analytics dashboard

Priority customer service

Inc. one free ½ day CPD



Competitive Rates

Enterprise clients only

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